From hill starts to traffic jams to uneven country roads, your L200 will keep working. To do so, it requires its own support and help. You should always try to keep your car in as great shape as possible, through either elbow-grease or the occasional new part. Sometimes, you may have to replace the U-bolt. Maybe it doesn’t seem as important or noteworthy as you might think, but no matter what, your car will always be as strong as the weakest link.


Sanderson’s Parts offers an inexpensive option to keeping your vehicle strong, so you don’t have to dig too far into your pockets to keep your Mitsubishi operating well. Don’t think that the cheap price reflects low quality, though. Our products are some of the best available after the manufacturers themselves, and have a price that easily competes.

So don’t skimp on some parts. Ensure your vehicle is the best it can be.

Mitsubishi Old L200 Square Shaped U-bolts (pair)

PRICE EX VAT Mitsubishi old L200 square shap..

Mitsubishi New L200 Curved Shaped Vehicle U-Bolts (pair)

PRICE EX VAT Mitsubishi new L200 curved shaped vehicle U-bolts  2006 0n..