Your Ford Ranger will care for you as much as you care for it. By ensuring that your vehicle has only the best parts, it’ll keep going for as long as you need it. That goes for every part of the car, so don’t forget about springs. These springs are high quality and at a great price, made possible by Sanderson’s Parts.


When you buy these springs, you can make sure that when the original ones wear out, you’ll have no problem in replacing them, and the difference will be next to nothing; these springs are second only to the manufacturers ones, and are at a price that’s affordable to everyone.

So when you find out that the original springs are on the verge of collapsing, don’t get caught waiting for a replacement that will either be too expensive or of a low quality: instead get these superb springs made by one of the best manufacturers, available here for an unbeatable price.


Our Ford Ranger leaf springs products are designed to improve and support the weight of your vehicle. The replacement of leaf springs, is simply and will take you minimum time. Our efficient leaf springs are made in line with OE specifications and are long lasting and efficient running. Our Ford leaf springs are great for vehicles with modern leaf spring suspension and can also be applied to situations that involve handling close to maximum permitted loads.


Sanderson’s offers replacement springs for your Ford Ranger at only the best prices. Our products are priced competitively and are only value for money products. So if you’re looking to replace your leaf springs, we can be on hand to help. Our quality products have had no complaints, when it comes the time to replace your leaf springs, why not try our products, you won’t be disappointed.


Should you need any advice or have technical questions or require any further information, including compatibility queries simply get in touch with our team, at Sanderson Leaf Springs we are more than happy to help and assist in any way possible. 

Ford Ranger 3+2 rear leaf spring 1998-2006

PRICE EX VAT  3+2 leaf spring  Bush: Both Ends Front / Rear: R ..

Ford Ranger 3+2 rear leaf spring 2006-2011

PRICE EX VAT  3+2 leaf spring  Bush: Both Ends Front / Rear: R ..

Ford Ranger Pickup T64/T65 model 2011 On 3+2 rear leaf spring

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