Different Types of Leaf Springs

What are the Different Types of Leaf Springs?

If you are in the market for new replacement leaf springs, you might be wondering which one to choose from the different types out there. With that in mind, we thought we would provide you with some information about the different types of leaf springs and their common uses.

Light commercial vehicles and HGV’s can carry greater loads when they are fitted with better suspension systems, such as leaf springs. The springs absorb the weight of the vehicle on the axis.

Based on the number of plates, we have taken a brief look at the two different types of leaf spring out there and how they work.

Multi Leaf Springs

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the name comes from the fact the spring is made up of more than one metal plate. The plates are places on top of each other and fixed together, making it easier for vehicles to carry greater loads with less stress.

On a multi-leaf spring, the size of the plates gets smaller as you look downwards. The plates are laid lengthwise to layer them, with the longest piece on top manufactured with eyes or hooks to fix the springs in place.

Multi leaf springs are recognised as the most common kind of leaf spring for light commercial vehicles and heavy good vehicles. The stacked format means that the springs are thicker in the middle, which is known as a semi elliptical look.

Mono Leaf Springs

Mono leaf springs are more suited to LCV’s than HGV’s as they are not designed for heavier vehicles. They are designed with a thicker centre, gradually thinning out towards the ends, similar in structure to the multi leaf system, but without the added plates.

Once upon a time the single leaf spring system was popular but when they began breaking on heavier vehicles they started to go out of fashion a bit. They can still be seen and used, although not when the vehicle in question requires protection against a heavy load or the weight of the vehicle itself.

Different Leaf Spring Shapes

Although there are two main types of leaf springs out there, when speaking about the number of plates, there are also various shapes out there too, each their own benefits, disadvantages and uses. We have looked at these below:

  • Semi Elliptical – This is the normal shape for a multi-leaf spring, similar to the bow of a bow and arrow, but without the string.
  • Elliptical – Two leaf springs can be combined facing away from each other to create an oval shape. This is known as elliptical.
  • Quarter Elliptical – This is an older type of spring with a similar structure to that of a normal leaf spring, only different being that it is half.
  • Three-Quarter Elliptic – Some larger vehicles can be seen sporting an extra half of a leaf spring to support the normal leaf spring, positioned over the top of the axle.
  • Transverse – Transverse leaf springs were positioned across the car from wheel to wheel, rather than over the wheels. Again, these are an older type of spring that aren’t often used anymore.

The most common and trusted leaf spring shape is the semi-elliptical, although additional strain can be taken by a full elliptical leaf spring when needed.

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