Ifor Williams Leaf Springs

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Your trailer carries whatever you can’t shove into the boot for you. It’ll faithfully follow you across the highways and countryside to wherever you wish to go, provided it’s attached to the back. Doing all this for you means it can go under a lot of wear and tear, from a few scratches on the side to the suspension getting worn down to the point where you might as well remove the wheels and drag it along. It’ll happen, and you’ll want to be prepared for that moment. Sanderson’s Parts is glad to offer some high quality replacement springs for your trailers, only a few steps behind the original manufacturer springs, and several miles ahead in terms of value: the cost of these springs can compete even with the lower-quality stuff that a garage may try to give you. So don’t settle for less. Give your trailer the best treatment, so you can carry all that luggage worry-free.

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