Ford Transit Leaf Springs

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When going over your checklist for needed parts, do not forget the Transit leaf springs. Without them, your ride would probably be a lot more uncomfortable than it is right now. But Transit leaf springs wear out over time, and when it’s time to replace them, then it would be best to get a high quality replacement for them. But a lot of spring options may be far too expensive for the everyman to purchase, and the choices within that price range may be of a far lower quality than what you originally had. Sanderson’s Parts doesn’t make you choose between cheap or powerful; we offer some of the best parts, for an almost unbeatable price with unbeatable value. The range of Ford Transit leaf springs will lower your vehicle on the rear by around 4 inches, with Sanderson Leaf Springs you can trust that you’ll receive the best quality product as all our leaf springs are to OE specification. Our experience has shown that after years of having the weight of a motor home/camper equipment sat over the rear of old vehicles, leaf springs start to bend in the opposite direction to the way they should. Should you have any technical questions or require any further information, including compatible queries regarding the product, please get in touch with our team, at Sanderson Leaf Springs we are more than happy to help and assist in any way possible. So when it comes down to repair time, give your Transit the best, so it can be the best.

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